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Hours: Open 7 days a week
Monday thru Sunday 11:00am - 9:00pm

Lunch Buffet 7day 11am - 2pm
Friday Dinner (Seafood Buffet) 5pm - 9pm

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We use 100% vegetable oil

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Shaw Lee's,

Experience an ethic menu of asian favorites and unique fusion dishes melding the best east - west ingredients to create an incredible dining experience. Shaw Lee's menu has changed somewhat and even though it is hard to believe they have improved every item on it. Shaw Lee's is definitely the gourmet of asia dishes. Season lightly nd to perfection Shaw Lee's is a must try.

Letter -

My wife, daughter, & I enjoyed lunch here after we had delivered Kathy's paintings to the Central Wisconsin Cultural Center for the "Art on Tap" event scheduled for September 5th. Our meals were fantastic. I'm a fan of the Hot & sour soup and the Mongolian Chicken. Jeff, Nancy, & Kathy

Hello, My name is Tiffany Podawiltz and I love your lunch buffet and all your delicious foods. Unfortunately, I can never come for it but only on weekends and now I work then so it's hard to get to your buffet when it ends at 2 PM. If you could extend your buffet to 3 PM instead I'm sure many teens in school could attend your buffet or have a chance to. This is just an idea. Thanks for your awesome cooking and keep it up. Sincerly, Tiffany Podawiltz Wisconsin Rapids, WI


Sea Food Buffet
Shaw Lee seafood

Lunch Buffet

Normally on the menu

Shaw Lee's has become the gourmet asian restaurant in the area. The buffet is the best and kept the freshest. All of their food is seasoned to perfection and spiced just right.

  • egg drop soup
  • hot and sour soup
  • rice noodle
  • soft noodles
  • hibachi chicken
  • sesame chicken
  • egg foo young
  • honey chicken
  • hunan beef
  • mushroom delight
  • peach buns
  • pot stickers
  • fried zucchini


  • general tao chicken
  • pork black bean sauce
  • sweet and sour meatballs
  • green beans
  • 8 treasure
  • tartar fish
  • chicken wings
  • onion wings
  • buffalo wings
  • french fries
  • sushi rolls
  • salad



  • fried rice
  • white rice
  • donuts
  • egg rolls
  • crab rangoon
  • special sauces
  • kim chee
  • crispy noodles
  • desserts
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  • 8-treasure
    A delicate mix of vegetables
  • Buffalo-wings
    Excellent wings that are NOT to hot to enjoy
  • Chicken-wings
    Cooked to perfection and seasoned just right
  • Crab-ragoon
    These are the Best in the area, super light and seasoned just right. Rating Excellent
  • Desserts
    Excellent selection of desserts, from creme puffs that melt in your mouth to ice cream with various toppings
  • Donuts
    These donuts will keep you coming back for more. Not heavy and cakey but light and melt in your mouth type. We rate this Excellent
  • Egg-drop-soup7154
    Superb soup with a chicken flavored base yet thin and not heavy. Excellent before meal appetizer.
  • Egg-foo-young
    The most perfect Egg Foo Young we have ever tasted. Seasoned to perfection and cooked just right - not that heavy greasy type most other places give you - but ight and tasty. We rate this as an excellent choice and the best in the area.
  • Egg-rolls
    Very light crust and very flavorful - An excellent choice
  • French-fries
  • Fried-rice
    Shaw Lee's has a secret way of keeping this rice and it is to die for. The rice is always perfect and seasoned just perfect - Excellent
  • Fried-zuchini
    We had this for the first time at Shaw Lees and it has become a favorite of ours. Fried just right it makes an excellent side dish
  • General-tao-chicken
    This is one dish that is over spiced or over hot BUT not at Shaw Lee's. Their General Tao Chicken is excellent, seasoned just right, not too hot by with a little bite to the pallet. The was the most excellent General Tao we have ever had
  • Green-beans
    Always fresh and tasty green beans, there are customers that come exclusively for this excellent dish
  • Hibachi-chicken
    Excellent dish superbly seasoned with chicken, fresh broccoli, bean sprouts and zucchini.
  • Honey-chicken
    This is Melt in your Mouth with a slight taste of honey chicken cooked in a batter that is lighter than a beer batter. An excellent chicken
  • Hot-and-soursoup
    Excellent soup with mushrooms in a not too hot (spice) but very flavourable. Has a slight spice,beef and tangy taste
  • Hunan-beef
    Very tender beef with vegetables. Makes an excellent main dish
  • Kim-chee
  • Krispy-noodles
    These are excellent crispy and very very light.
  • Mushroom-delight
  • Onion-rings
  • Peach-buns
  • Pork-blackbean
    Excellent pork with vegetable stir fry
  • Pot-stickers
    Very tasty little morsels of flavor. An excellent choice
  • Rice-noodles
    Cooked to perfection these rice noodles are thin and light. A perfect complement to the pot stickers or as a main dish
  • Salad
    Build your own with multiple toppings and various dressings
  • Sesame-chicken
    This has always been a favorite of mine and Shaw Lee's is the best. Light and seasoned just right an excellent choice
  • Soft-noodles
  • Sushi-rolls
  • Sweet-sour-meatball
    Perfect size and excellent texture, these little meatballs are very tasty
  • Tartar-fish
  • White-rice
    Kept perfectly in Shaw Lee's special steamer. Excellent rice


Friday Night Buffet

Normally on the Menu

Friday nights are mainly fish and shrimp night. Shaw Lee's has he best offerings in the area. Their food is always fresh and their buffet is always kept filled just right, never overfilled so that your food is always at its best. You will not find a better asian food anywhere in the area.

  • salad bar
  • shrimp in the shell
  • coconut crystal dumplings
  • streamers
  • miso soup
  • wonton soup
  • complete dessert bar
  • hibachi tofu
  • honey shrimp
  • steamed mussel
  • deep fried calamari
  • tempura shrimp
  • katsu steak
  • white rice
  • sesame balls
  • tomato shrimp
  • sweet and sour shrimp
  • crispy scallops
  • crab legs
  • fried dumplings
  • fried rice
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  • CoconutCRYSTALdumplings
    Coconut season dumplings filled with a rice paste, Excellent
  • Desserts
    A complete dessert bar from cremepuffs to ice cream with all the toppings. All items were fresh and very tasty
  • Fried-rice
    Perfect rice kept in excellent condition with Shaw Lee's special rice keeper
  • White-rice
    Perfect rice kept in excellent condition with Shaw Lee's special rice keeper
  • Crab
    Unlike other places Shaw Lee's keeps their crab legs fresh and always full. These are the best crab legs we have ever had
  • Crispy-scallops
    Just like the name implies, these scallops are very tasty and cooked to perfection
  • Deep-fried-kalamari
  • Fried-dumplings
    Tasty dumplings fried lightly and served with and excellent sauce
  • Hibachi Tofo
    Excellent stir fry with tofu, bean sprouts, broccoli and other vegetables
  • Honey Shrimp
    One of the most tasteful, light with a hint of honey flavor. An excellent shrimp that you'll not get elsewhere
  • Katsu-steak
  • Miso Soup
    The is a unique soup with flavors that are hard to determine
  • Ricesteamers
    his is how Shaw Lee's keeps their rice in excellent condition
  • Salad7210
    A complete salad bar with condiments and all dressings
  • Sesameballs
    The are excellent lightly spiced dough balls cooked to perfection
  • ShrimpNshell7211
    Fresh peel your own shrimp that are excellent additions to any main course
  • Steamed-mussel
    Steamed in the shell mussels are as good if not better than their East coast steamed clams counter parts
  • Sweet-sour-shrimp
    One of my favorites, not too heavy on the sweet and just right on the sour - you will not find a more excellent sweet n sour shrimp in the area.
  • Tempura-shrimp
    Perfectly seasoned and the batter will melt in your mouth. This is a must try shrimp for shrimp lovers!
  • Tomato-shrimp
    Excellent shrimp and vegetable dish that only the photo can describe.
  • Wonton Soup




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  • Complete Japanese and Chinese Menus
  • Dinner meals as well as buffet
  • Carry out and Delivery Service
  • Mixed drinks and full bar

Try our Bento Box's

Bento Box at Shaw Lee

If you have tried the buffet and always thought it was the best, now is the time to try Shaw Lee's Bento Boxes. The Bento Box food offerings will take your taste buds to a level you didn't know was possible! There is a variety of Bento Boxes to pick from so that you might sample the unique flavors of the cultures both Japanese and Chinese.



Japanese Bento Box

Japanese  Bento Box Shaw Lees

  • Hibachi Chicken
  • Japanese Yakiniku Steak
  • Kim Chee
  • Tempura Vegetables
  • White Rice

Bento Box

Shaw Lee's Bento Box Chinese

  • Fried Rice
  • Crab Ran goo
  • Egg Roll
  • Teriyaki Chicken
  • Kung Pao Shrimp